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On the day

Events should not proceed in situations of bad or dangerous travel, weather and/or course conditions. Cancelling or postponing an event is the sole responsibility of the Controller, though he or she may consult others to come to a decision.

Most people will listen for the 9am Sunday cancellations on the radio, check the cub website or their emails. Cancellation information should be sent ASAP to:

  • The Planner and Organiser, if not already informed
  • Email the Club email group []
  • DunedinOrienteering Webmaster for posting a notice on the website.
  • Radio stations:
    • Newstalk ZB 1044AM (The Radio Network) ph 474 8413 (newsroom), 474 8400 (office
    • Others???


In discussing when to reschedule an event, the Planner and Controller should consult the Committee to avoid clashes with other events, and the Organiser to check his/her availability. If the event is rescheduled for just 1-2 weeks later, the Planner should contact the Landowner about further access. If an event is postponed for some weeks-months, the Landowner Access Coordinator should be informed so that access can be renegotiated.