Below is a list of all of the maps that DunedinOrienteering currently or has used in the past.

If you know of any maps that are not on the list [especially old ones] please let the webmaster know.
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MapLocationStatusLast UsedNotes
MapLocationStatusLast UsedNotes
Akatore Coastal Otago (S) Out of Date  Felled 
Alexandra Central Otago Current  MTBO Map 
Allans Beach Otago Peninsula Current 17 July 2011  
Bannockburn Central Otago Current 31 March 2012  
Bannockburn Sluicings Central Otago Current   
Bethunes Gully  Out of Date   
Chingford Park Town Current 7 March 2012  
Christies Gully Coastal Otago (S) Current 24 June 2012  
Cuttance Block Coastal Otago (S) Current 21 August 2011  
Earnscleugh Alexandra, Central Otago Current 1 April 2012  
Gabriel's Gully Lawrence Current   
Gladbrook Middlemarch Current 12 August 2012  
Glenorchy???  Out of Date   
Humpy Bumby Duntroon Current 13 November 2011  
Island Park Waldronville Current 14 March 2012  
Kettle Park Town Out of Date  Playing fields could be used but best bits have been washed away..! 
Kings & Queeens  Current  Sprint Map 
Logan Park Town Current 15 February 2012  
MacLeods Farm  Current 22 May 2011  
Matarae Middlemarch Current 26 February 2012  
Mt Ross Middlemarch Current 29 April 2012  
Naseby  Current  Some mapping required. 
Naseby East  Current   
Naseby MTBO Central Otago Current  MTBO 
Pyramids Otago Peninsula Out of Date  Fence mapping required, fence crossing points on Clearwater property 
Queenstown Hill Queenstown Out of Date   
Ross Creek Town Current 22 February 2012  
Rotary Park Otago Peninsula Current  Sprint Map 
Roxburgh  Current  Sprint Map 
Roxburgh MTBO Central Otago Current   
Seacliff Coastal Otago (N) Current 27 May 2012 Some areas recently re-mapped 
Snow Farm Wanaka Current 29 July 2012 Ski-O Map 
Taieri College  Current  Sprint Map 
The Green Zone Cromwell Current 31 March 2012 Sprint Map 
Town Belt North Town Current 23 February 2011  
Town Belt South Town Current 29 February 2012  
Waikouaiti Coastal Otago (N) Current 25 September 2011  
Showing 37 items