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Red Courses

  • Navigation shall be as difficult as possible with small contour and point features as preferred control sites (no obvious attack points, no handrails etc.).
  • Control sites shall be placed in areas rich in detail.
  • Route choice shall be an important element in most legs. Doglegs are not permitted.
  • Note: It may be impossible to set RED courses on some maps. 
  • The Short Red course for the OY series is intended for 2 types of competitor:  the very experienced people (who need as technically hard a course as possible, but due to age or injury, need it to be short, with minimal climb or rough terrain) and also for experienced Orange competitors, who are giving Red a go for the first time.  So a Short Red course may have the closest, physically easiest legs of the Medium or Long Red courses.  Please consider our oldest competitors, and the difficulty of the actual groundcover, when planning a Short Red.
  • A Short Red course could be 2-3km, a Medium Red could be 3-6km, and a Long Red could be anything longer than the Medium Red - all depending on the map and terrain type.
Used for: all other A classes including and above M/W18-A (includes both long and short courses), Elite classes.