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White Courses

  • Courses must follow drawn linear features (tracks, fences, streams, distinct vegetation boundaries, etc.).
  • A control site must be placed at every decision point (eg. a turning point, a track junction or a change in the type of linear feature - from following a track to following a stream).
  • All control markers must be visible from the approach side. Where the course has to deviate from the handrail feature (e.g. to cross through a forest block), the route must be marked with orange tape all the way until a new handrail feature is reached.
  • The Start Triangle shall be on a linear feature. If no such feature is available, then there must be a taped route all the way from the start to a linear feature (ie. the first control).
  • Compass use is limited to map orientation only.
  • No route choice is offered. Doglegs are permitted.